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The HigRig full-size metal flight sim joystick plugs direct into your PC for an unrivalled real-life flying experience...

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The HigRig metal joystick base brings a range of full size aircraft joysticks to your computer flight simulator. This high quality, heavy duty base unit is free-standing and designed to take a range of interchangeable sticks based around classic World War One & Two aircraft.


Although nothing will replicate flying an aircraft for real, I wanted to design something that felt more like a real aircraft control stick than anything currently available in the range of commercial plastic joysticks, at least when it came to a controller for flying this vintage of aircraft.

The stick is floor mounted and made almost entirely from steel and aluminium, and the built in Leo Bodnar electronic control board makes interfacing with your computer and adding a multitude of extra buttons and controls very easy.

You can use one of our sticks with the base unit, or even build your own. Various options are available and more designs are coming soon.

The Mk1 prototype joystick is similar to those found in early 20th century aircraft, with inspiration taken from classic aeroplanes such as the Sopwith Camel, Fairey Swordfish and Spitfire.

The Mk2 'Sturmovik' 1940s Stick is coming soon -  Feel free to get in contact anytime if you have questions, comments or custom design requests:  thanks!

HigRig Mk1 1920s joystick

Mk1 1920s Stick


Spitfire Throttle

More custom flight sim components coming soon...

HigRig Flightsim base

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