Mk2 Russian Storm

stick coming soon!



The Mk1 Joystick is handmade to order so please allow 28 days from date of order to delivery. The UK price £390 includes free delivery within UK. Please contact us for prices and shipping to Europe and worldwide, or if you have any further questions.

The joystick has been fully tested with X Plane 11 and requires no external power supply; the control board within the joystick is self powered from your computer via the single 3m USB cable that is supplied with the unit. No other cables are required.


The Mk1 Joystick includes everything you need to use the stick and get going straight away with your flight sim, except the 7.5kg weight required for the free standing version of the stick. We don’t supply this as it is very heavy to post, especially for international shipping; and it is not needed if you have the option to bolt the joystick to the floor of your existing flight sim set up (four mounting holes supplied underneath). You can buy a suitable weight/dumbbell anywhere on eBay, Amazon, or your local bodybuilding/sports shop. The joystick will accommodate a weight size of up to 330mm in diameter and 55mm thick. We have tested the joystick with a 7.5kg weight on both a hard floor and medium thickness carpet and the unit is really sturdy - you can reliably reach all extreme axes of the stick with no movement of the main base unit, even if you’re flying like a maniac!  However, if you can find a heavier weight that fits within the required dimensions above then that is fine.

Whilst the basic design and operation of the joystick will always remain the same, we reserve the right to make small occasional changes to the design, build and specification in order to continually improve the product.

The top of the joystick is 76cm (30 inches) above floor level, and the base footprint of the whole unit is approx 30cm x 30cm.The complete unit weighs 6.2kg without the optional 7.5kg base weight. The main shaft of the joystick is detachable with just two bolts, so it is easy to swap over to other exciting versions when these become available (new designs are in the pipeline so watch this space!).

Any questions? Please contact

We care about the environment and endeavour to manufacture our products in the most efficient and ‘green’ way possible. We keep plastic parts to an absolute minimum and will use environmentally friendly alternatives where possible. We have chosen to use a durable black powder coating for the main metal parts of the joystick as this process is a lot less wasteful and has less environmental impact than other techniques that use paint based products.