Vintage Joystick Products

HigRig HR-1 Joystick Base

HR-1 Joystick Base

(shown with optional HR-2 freestanding feet)

The HR-1 is a 26cm x 26cm sturdy aluminium base with electronics included, ready to connect direct to your flight sim computer via USB.

The base includes 3 mounting holes ready for bolting to the floor of your flight sim cockpit. Just add our Mk1 or Mk2 joystick, or design and build your own!


More designs and info coming soon...

HigRig HR-1 Joystick Base extra

HR-1 Joystick Base plus optional HR-3 Dampers

(shown with optional HR-2 freestanding feet)

The HR-3 Dampers give a smoother feel, and if you let go of the joystick it will to return to the centre without springing back and forth (see below)

HigRig Joystick feet
HigRig Joystick feet basic

HR-2 Freestanding Feet

(You supply the 5 - 10kg weight!)

The HR-2 Freestanding Feet bolt to the main base unit with a single bolt. This is ideal if you want to use the unit freestanding on the floor without bolting to an existing set up.

The HR-2 accepts a standard dumbbell weight of between 5 and 10kg. Max diameter 30cm. Max thickness 4cm. Centre hole 1 inch / 25mm

HigRig Joystick dampers

HR-3 Dampers

The HR-3 Dampers allow the joystick to return to the centre smoothly if you let go of the stick. Without these the joystick will work fine; it will just spring back and forth a few times before coming to rest in the centre

There are not many instances when you would want to let go of the stick (possible stall recovery procedure?) and the stick works without them, that's why we made them optional!

All products are hand made to order so please allow 4 weeks for delivery - Many thanks!

Any questions or custom orders, please contact us...

HigRig WWI SE5 joystick

Mk1 Joystick




Based around the design of the WWI Royal Aircraft Factory SE5 biplane, this joystick is made of steel and brass. It comes with two authentic firing paddles that you can assign to guns or anything else you wish within your flightsim program

Available with two different handle colours

Connects to our HR-1 Joystick Base (not included)

HigRig WWII Russian Storm Joystick.jpg

Mk 2 Sturmovik 1940


Based around the Ilyushin IL-2 WWII ground attack aircraft joystick, this stick is made of steel. It has two authentic steel firing paddles plus a third push button for assigning to guns or anything else you want in your flightsim program

Connects to our HR-1 Joystick Base (not included)

All our joysticks are made from 1.25 inch diameter steel tube, and are 60cm in length. When connected to our HR-1 Joystick Base, this gives a height of 72cm from floor to top of joystick, or 77cm with the addition of the HR-2 Freestanding Feet

There are two 8mm bolt holes for joystick attachment at the base, and a 5 pin XLR plug and cable for electrical connection to the HR-1 built-in USB control board