Spitfire Flightsim

Spitfire USB Flight Sim Throttle

The HigRig Spitfire USB Throttle Controller Mk.2 has full variable control of 'throttle', and 'airscrew', with switchable control between 'off' and 'rich/mix' on the back lever, plus a 'bomb release' button on the main throttle handle. Constructed from steel and powder coated aluminium, with USB interface for easy to use plug and play with your flight sim.


Same dimensions as the real aircraft. Shown here with X Plane 11 (videos show Mk.1 version)


Each unit is hand built - Please allow 4 weeks for delivery

Spitfire Throttle USB

The controller has two 6mm mounting holes at the base 3cm apart. 2x M6 30mm bolts included

15cm x 10cm deep x 25cm high. Weight 1.2kg        Please contact us for other mounting options

Design is underway of a full size replica Spitfire flight simulator joystick incorporating easy to use plug and play USB interface for your flightsim computer.

Made as usual from aluminium and steel, with as little plastic as possible!

Also included below are some basic dimensions as a reference for anyone building their own flight sim parts.


With many thanks to Ian at VMI Engineering for his help.


The HigRig Mk1 Joystick taking it easy in the VMI Spitfire workshop

Sptfire throttle quadrant size
Dunlop Spitfire Spade Grip

Spitfire throttle quadrant dimensions. Made from 1.2mm aluminium, with an 8mm lip down the sides and a 6mm lip at the top

This Dunlop Spade Grip is 14.3cm at its widest part, and 19cm top to bottom (excluding the gun button)


The connection to the main body of the joystick is a 1 1/8 inch (28.6mm) round